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Mollee D. Harper 

And, my pursuits of happiness

Namaste; thank you for coming.

Charles Emerson Winchester III of the 4077th, would say of me perhaps with crazy eyes and delight, "She's a cook-right!" ...Mr. Lucas McCain would immediately reply with 1892 Winchester .44-40 custom 12-shot rifle in hand, and a smile under his handsome cowboy brim, "She's my brother. Harper gives and helps out any and all, like we can"....Blanca would whisper, "Don't let her fool you. She's a romantic at heart; she always fights for love to prevail, and with all of her might. Just ask our Lobos".

  Digital Branding & Business Geocaching

Business Intelligence, and therapy....          

Business Consultant with 30 years of experience, working within the IT and Finance industries within both the corporate and private business sectors throughout North America, with 10-years' concentration in inbound marketing and SEO within our rapidly growing digital marketplace.

Provide affordable website design & builds, digital branding, and assistance building your online image properly - Website, Content, Professional Profiles in Linkedin & Facebook, Business Blogs, ... 

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Business Analyst with experience diagnosing, aiding and educating over 200 entrepreneurs "on the business battlefields" of America (all sizes and industries). Provide analysis and proper tooling for the "Business of Business" in salvage, improvement, resolution and exit strategy. 

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Contract Writer & Editor. Publications, in-and-out of the Digital Marketplace, include: coffee-table books, eBooks, fiction novel, screenplays, magazine articles, product features, executive ghost writing, legal news, business documents and blogs. Researchfact-checkdesign, build, writeedit; produce.

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Mollee D. Harper

Business Preservationist. Artist & Literati. Strategic Thinker & Tactician. Accountable. 

90% of all private businesses fail...because learning the "Business of Business" is just that hard, while trying to manage and grow yours.

Traditionally, the only service available to provide business owners with the tooling, education and professional advice you need has been expensive consulting engagements. While some benefits are realized, you often receive too much information, too fast, and are unable to implement all the changes you need to improve and/or save your business at one time.

The alternative is to contract with individual partners for the individual components on your own...

Down still don't have a professional partner that knows you, and your business from a high level...someone who understands how all of the components of your business work now, and must work together in the future for your success.

Your business is 3-dimensional; it runs much like a vehicle. Your business plan, goals, financials, and sales & marketing strategy are your gears, and they are always in constant motion.  

The wellness of your vehicle, not only depends on the individual health of each gear, but the relationship between them, and most importantly, it depends on you.

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My approach....

My approach is unique, tailored to the specific business I provide timely, equitable, custom results and unique resolutions, for actual implementation, and more importantly, measurable results....Business Improvement, Operational Efficiency, Profit, Positive Cash Flow...Owner Return on Investment....Success! 

As your partner, I commit to honesty, integrity, empathy and intelligence, and with 100% of my effort.  

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Confidentiality Agreement with You, in advance...

Dear friend and/or associate (in-and-out of the Digital Marketplace), 

I am very open, passionate, sagacious with, and protective of my clients, and most importantly, I am equipped to help. This is who will be working for you (behind the "screens") from the other end of the phone, or Internet.

Signed (binding) Confidentiality Agreements, at the ready always.


Mollee D. Harper

Dedicated in loving memory of Donavan