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               Black-eyed Peace               

                 Written by Mollee D. Harper                

 Illustration by Daniel S. Ferebee  


 Immortal Intervention: Men on Fire

 Original Screenplay by Mollee D. Harper


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 Everything Chickens, Coops & Care eBook

A comprehensive book on poultry, including the definition, classification, history, and primary uses for the 50 billion chickens originating, and being raised on every continent across the globe, today.

As more individuals get back to the basics and search for ways to live more responsibly and sustain their health and quality of life with more independence, raising small flocks of chickens for personal consumption of eggs, meat, or both has more than its share of benefits.

This fact-filled book explores many of the hundreds of difference chicken breeds, within the egg, meat, dual-purpose and exhibition categories, and provides readers with informative and intelligible resources for proper care and housing personal flocks, including a wide variety of chicken coop blueprints, plans, and photos.

Written by Mollee D. Harper for a private client in Taipei, Taiwan (Feb. 2012).

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 Photo Credit: C for Chicken by Simon Howden (

Chickens: In Sickness & Health ebook

A Guidebook on Chicken Disease

Farming chickens for fresh eggs and meat has been a way of life for people all over the world, for thousands of years. As economic problems have increased over time, more of us are seeking ways to supplement our food provisions with healthy and affordable solutions, like raising small flocks of chickens in our backyards. 

Chickens: In Sickness & Health is a comprehensive book for maintaining good health in your chickens, providing readers with symptoms, causes, preventative measures and treatments for the most common diseases & sicknesses that can negatively affect the health of your flock, their offspring, and egg production.

This guidebook covers 30 of the most common infections and diseases occurring in chickens caused by: bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, and provides readers with simple steps for keeping their chickens and homes healthy.

Written by Mollee D. Harper for a private client in Taipei, Taiwan (Mar. 2012).  


  Small Victories A Tuskegee Airman Story

Writers Guild of America Registration Number: 105350-00 

Kindle edition available at Amazon 

Historical research, fact checks, co-writing & editing services by Mollee D. Harper, (2011).


  Who We Are

Fiction novel co-writing & editing services by Mollee D. Harper, (2010).

Co-writing & Editing - Screenplays 


 Small Victories

 Writers Guild of America Registration Number: 105350-00 

Just Another Christmas Miracle

Writers Guild of America (East) Registration Number: VQFA6DD050E4 


 Writers Guild of America Registration Number: 133073 


 Menacing Man


Screenplay co-writing & editing services by Mollee D. Harper, (2011). 

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College A to ZZZZs: Dictionary and Sleep; Two Dos!

Dorm Room Strategy

Energy Drinks: Ups and downs!

(original blog featured below with video:)  

The Straight Talk on Rape

Unique Ways to Say "No" 


Written for a college blog site by Mollee D. Harper, (2012).   


Article Publications in the Digital Marketplace 

Over 100 online publications...

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Forgotten, but Not Alone - AOL Top 10 2010 Stories, Update. 

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College Blog Feature: Energy Drinks: Ups and downs!



Energy Drinks: Ups and downs!

Written by Mollee D. Harper, July 2012.

 (Watch) Yes Man Red Bull scene

While energy drinks, caffeine and other stimulants can be effective in temporarily boosting mental or physical energy, they can also be affective.

 As college students, focused on learning skills and a trade on which to build your future, the best strategy is obviously a steady application of your studies throughout the semester. Last minute cramming is more a matter of memorization than actual learning.  However, college is not high school, and acing that next test is a big deal to most. The smartest approach to surviving mid-term and final exam all-nighters includes understanding and anticipating the possible adverse affects of energy drink consumption. After all, the long night of study is followed by the dreaded test where mental prowess is critical to cross the finish-line.

So, when you have to pull an all-nighter(s), and your personal strategy includes energy drinks, your formula is simple:

Disclosure first, then drink.

 Commonly reported side effects, in the ongoing and raging debate over energy drink safety, include:

  • Heart palpitations, tightness of the chest, and chest pain
  • Tremors, jitters and uncontrollable shaking of the hands  
  • Moodiness, agitation, anxiety, and restlessness
  • Gastrointestinal upset, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting
  • Light-headedness, dizziness, and fainting
  • Tingling and numbing sensation of the skin and limbs
  • Shortness of breath, and respiratory distress
  • Headache
  • Severe fatigue, and insomnia

As a rule of thumb, and heart, repeating a class is not nearly as painful, or expensive, as an overnight visit to the hospital.  The best remedy for mild energy drink reactions, and almost anything else that ails you, is simple too:

Water, and sleep (in your bed; not the sidewalk!).

 Interesting facts about energy drinks:

UK’s Lucozade Energy was the first energy drink, introduced as a hospital drink to aid in recovery, in 1929.

Red Bull was introduced in the US in 1997, and remains the leading energy drink with a market share of approximately 47%.

Males between the ages of 13 and 35 account for 65% of energy drink consumption. 

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The wolves that saved America.

Artwork by mijoclarke 

Postcards from Blanca - "twelve"

Artwork by Mollee D. Harper

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